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Meet Blair:

My name is Blair, but most people call me B! I’m a small-town girl from California, but have been living in Denver for roughly a decade. (OK, I’m not a native, but I got here as fast as I could!) I have been serving this beautiful community as a blonde hair specialist in Denver since 2019, and I truly love all of the connections I have made. The most amazing thing to me about my career as a hair stylist has always been the emotional connection I get to make with people. The thing I hear the most from clients is that they crave CONSISTENCY. I take dull, broken, and damaged blonde hair and give it life again! I strive to give people amazing results coupled with a stellar experience. No more colors that are hit or miss, and no more of those sad striped highlights. So many people take for granted how much our hair and appearance has on our confidence and emotional state. I love seeing the hair transformation deliver a positive emotional transformation before they even leave my chair. Making you look and feel wonderful makes me feel wonderful, too. Buckle up for an awesome hang and a brand new bestie!
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