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Meet Capri:

Capri started in the hair world in 2010, and is Sassoon trained. She is awesome with complicated hair or guys who just don’t know what to do with it. She loves helping you achieve your hair goals with providing hair tutorials and knowledge about your hair specifically.

Capri is passionate about your hair and letting it talk to her. She believes a great haircut still looks good when you come back for your next cut. Capri is also passionate about everything engineering. She is very math brained and loves cutting for its geometry.

Capri has other areas of expertise she excels in as well such as photography, makeup artist, wood working, ceramic artist, and she’s a down right serious crafter. She loves staying busy while putting a smile on your face, a laughter in your belly, and a hairstyle that gives you the confidence to rule your world. Come in and meet this talented artist and see what your hair will say to her.

Follow Capri at: thehairtalker
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