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Meet Keilani:

I’m Keilani Fuqua, founder of Native Lash and tenured Lash Artist. I know from experience how important it is to find a lash artist that cares deeply about the quality of your extensions and health of your lashes. A well applied set of lashes can make the world of difference in your appearance and streamline your morning routine! I am 3x certified in classic, volume and Lashbox LA megavolume technique. I aim to deliver a customized set that is most flattering for your face and fits your lifestyle.

Follow Keilani at: nativexlash
  • I wanted to challenge myself with a short and sweet
  • lashes so good the bad lighting cant fuck with them
  •  mental clarity  getting into lashing was by happenstance
  •  favorite tweezers and why  it took me so
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